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The Ultimate Skincare Journey: How I Conquered My 40s with Beauty, Rebellion, and Diamond Creams

Dive into my personal skincare adventure post-40 – a story of unexpected twists, luxe creams, and embracing every radiant wrinkle. It's a journey of self-discovery, laughter, and a bit of JLo magic.

January 23rd 2024

Blog post for stay at fashion moms

Hey there, gorgeous souls of The Fashion Mission! So, here's the scoop: turning 40 isn't just about blowing candles on a bigger cake or getting permission to use the phrase "back in my day." It's about embracing a new chapter in life, and yes, rewriting some skincare rules.

As a former professional makeup artist, I've painted more faces than I can count and learned a thing or two about skincare. Like how my clients' bathroom cabinets ( and who am i kidding mine too!) are more crowded than a Black Friday sale at a shoe store. But here's the kicker – as I hit the big 4-0 3 years ago, my skin decided to throw a curveball.

Picture this: One day, you're confidently strutting your skincare routine, and the next, your skin is staging a rebellion worthy of a dramatic telenovela twist. So, let's dive into this adventure together, shall we? Buckle up, because it's not just about slathering creams and serums. It's about understanding the art of skincare post-40, and trust me, it's more intriguing than your favorite mystery novel.

Why Skincare Changes After 40

Ah, the 40s - a time when you're finally comfortable in your own skin, only to find out your skin is getting a bit too comfortable with changes! Let's spill the beans on why our once trusty skincare routine suddenly needs a revamp post-40.

  1. Hello, Hormones! Remember those hormonal roller coasters from your teenage years? Well, they're back for a reunion tour in your 40s. Estrogen levels start to wane, leading to less collagen and elastin production. In simple terms, your skin's support structure is getting a bit... let's say, laid-back.

  2. Moisture, Where Art Thou? As we age, our skin's natural ability to retain moisture starts to dip, kind of like our patience for long queues. This dryness can lead to a texture that's more 'vintage parchment' than 'baby's bottom'. Keeping skin hydrated becomes a top priority.

  3. The Sun-Kissed Catch-22: All those years of soaking up the sun can start to show their true colors in your 40s. Sun damage, in the form of spots and wrinkles, tends to make a grand entrance during this decade. It's like the sun's way of saying, "Remember me?"

  4. Thinner Skin (Literally): No, you're not becoming more sensitive to jokes about your age. Your skin actually becomes thinner and more delicate, making it more susceptible to damage and irritation. Time to treat it like the fine silk it is!

  5. Cell Turnover Slowdown: Remember when you could bounce back from a night out in no time? Your skin cells feel the same way about regenerating. Cell turnover slows down, meaning your skin might hold onto dead cells longer than a grudge. This can lead to dullness and uneven tone.

My Personal Skincare Saga: A Tale of Trials, Triumphs, and a Touch of Telenovela Drama

Let's take a walk down memory lane, back to when I was blissfully unaware that the skincare gods had a plot twist planned for my 40th birthday. 🎉 Back then, as a makeup artist in my 20s, my adventures were all about finding the perfect foundation shade and mastering the smoky eye. Little did I know, my own skin had an epic storyline waiting in the wings.

The 40s Plot Twist: Fast forward to my 40s, a time when I thought my skincare routine was set in stone. But oh, how the tables turned! My skin, once a loyal friend, decided to embark on its own rebellious journey.

Morning Mayhem: Imagine my surprise when, one fateful morning in my 40s, I woke up to a skin rebellion of epic proportions. My face, which usually greeted me with a calm radiance, was now a canvas of raw, red drama. Initially, I thought, "Is this some sort of spider's wicked prank?" 🕷️ But no, not a bite in sight. Instead, it seemed like my trusted skincare products had turned into a band of skincare traitors overnight, thanks to a hormonal shift that acted like an uninvited party crasher.

Skin Detective Mode: Armed with my makeup artist's eye for detail, I went on a quest to uncover the root of this skincare mutiny. Was it my beloved moisturizer or that serum I swore by? After a Sherlock Holmes-worthy investigation, and a heart-to-heart with my dermatologist, the mystery unraveled: it was all of them. My skin had decided to change the rules of the game.

The Great Skincare Overhaul: This wasn't just about finding replacements; it was about relearning and respecting my skin's new language. I bade farewell to my cherished seven-product regimen, both a daytime and nighttime ritual that had served me well until this upheaval. The journey to find suitable alternatives wasn't just challenging; it was like auditioning a new cast for a hit show where my skin was the critical audience.

Trial and Error: I cautiously reintroduced products, only to face disappointment each time. My once-beloved formulas were now like ill-fitting pieces

in a puzzle. Each application was a gamble, leaving me anxiously awaiting my skin's reaction. Slowly, my bathroom shelf transformed into a testament of trials and errors, a museum of skincare misadventures.

A New Dawn with JLO Beauty: My skincare saga took a turn when I chanced upon an ad for JLO Beauty. Color me skeptical but curious – I mean, if JLo can make 50 look effortlessly fabulous, there's got to be some magic there, right? I dived in with The Hit Single cleanser, That JLO Glow serum, That Big Screen moisturizer, and That Fresh Take eye cream. It felt like rolling the dice in a high-stakes game of 'Skincare Roulette', but to my delight, my skin started giving standing ovations instead of boos.

The Transformation: These JLO gems gradually ushered in a skincare renaissance. My fine lines, which I assumed were permanent guests, started to look less like deep-seated wrinkles and more like faint whispers. As for Botox, it's been on my radar – I've flirted with it a couple of times since turning 41, just a tiny fling really (we're talking a modest 3 units by each eye, nothing more). But now, with this newfound skincare love affair, those Botox rendezvouss are fewer and farther between.

My Diamond in the Rough: Now, let's talk about my secret weapon, the pièce de résistance in my skincare arsenal – the Forever Flawless Diamond Infused Instant Wrinkle Eraser Cream. This cream is the Rolls Royce of wrinkle erasers, the ace up my sleeve. It works like a charm, blurring out those fine lines with an almost magical touch. I've journeyed through dozens of wrinkle creams, but this is the one where I see instant results.

However, luxury comes at a price. It's a splurge, so I reserve this cream for those special occasions when I plan to go all out with my makeup – the full canvas, from concealer to foundation. It's not just a cream; it's a confidence booster, a special treat for my skin, making me look and feel fabulous.

My Skincare Epilogue in the Fabulous 40s

And so, here we are at the end of this skincare saga (or is it just the beginning of a new chapter?). What a ride it's been!

This journey hasn't just been about switching up lotions and potions. It's been a deeper dive into self-acceptance and empowerment. I've learned to listen to my skin, to understand its whims and fancies, and to embrace its ever-changing narrative. It's like being in a relationship with a moody yet lovable star – it demands attention, care, and sometimes, just a bit of pampering.

In these fabulous 40s, I've discovered that beauty isn't a static picture; it's a dynamic, ever-evolving masterpiece. Each line on my face tells a story of laughter, worry, surprise, and life lived fully. And now, with a skincare routine that resonates with this beautiful complexity, I'm not just facing my 40s; I'm embracing them with open arms and a radiant glow.

So, to all my fellow fabulous 40s (and beyond) goddesses, remember: our skin is an exquisite canvas that reflects our unique journeys. Let's celebrate it, nurture it, and most importantly, let's enjoy every moment of our skincare dance – with all its steps, twirls, and the occasional misstep.

Here's to being fabulous, fearless, and forty – a time when we're not just aging; we're upgrading!

Stay glowing and fabulous,

LiTaL ❤️

Founder & Chief Fashionista,

The Fashion Mission


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