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T.F.M. Presents The Fashion Chronicles!

Your Destination Blog for Real-Life Mom Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle.
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September 19th 2023

Blog post for stay at fashion moms

Hello, Beautiful Souls! Welcome to The Fashion Chronicles, where we embrace the union of style and self-expression, where comfort meets chic, and where being a mom doesn't mean sacrificing your identity. This isn't just a blog; it's a sanctuary for every mom who's had to balance diapers with dreams and playdates with personal goals.

I had reached an epiphany at age 40, juggling the joyful chaos of three amazing but demanding kids while launching a new business. "Be Your Own Standard" became more than just a phrase—it transformed into the cornerstone of my vision for a vibrant community. Born out of frustration but nurtured by passion, The Fashion Mission transcends mere fashion advice. It's a call to elevate your life to align with your unique gifts, values, and ambitions. Why? Because you are more than just a label. You're more than a 'mom,' more than a 'career woman' you are a trailblazer with a purpose.

What's in it for You?

What Can You Expect?

Why The Fashion Mission & The Fashion Chronicles?

Busy mother out for a walk with her little girl and cute dog

The Fashion Chronicles was created for the incredible mama in mind by The Fashion Mission, with the intention of serving our community with excellence. It's our shared space where we redefine real-life mom fashion and beauty, providing practical solutions to your everyday style needs.

By joining The Fashion Mission and The Fashion Chronicles, you're not just following a blog; you're becoming part of a community. A community that validates your unique journey and encourages you to "Be Your Own Standard." Let's show the world that being a mom and a fashion enthusiast is not only possible but extraordinarily empowering.

With Love & Style,



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Portrait photo of mother and advocate, Lital, who is the Founder of The Fashion Mission


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