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From Fashion to Fulfillment: Announcing Destination Thrive

Explore how Destination Thrive represents a new era of inspiration and empowerment for mothers everywhere.

March 5th 2024

Blog post for stay at fashion moms

Dear Cherished Community,

As I sit down to write this message, my heart is filled with a mixture of excitement and reflection. Today, I have something incredibly special to share with you — the birth of Destination Thrive. This announcement is not about transformation but about expansion and the culmination of a journey that, while it started within the realms of fashion, has grown into something much more profound.

Five years ago, my life seemed like a dream fulfilled — a loving family, a beautiful home, and the freedom to pursue my passions. Yet, amidst this external perfection, I found myself wrestling with an internal storm of emotions. Despite the abundance surrounding me, I felt an unshakeable sense of restlessness and a deep-seated yearning for something more, something I couldn't quite pinpoint. It wasn't merely dissatisfaction; it was a profound sense of being lost within my own existence.

This internal conflict — marked by feelings of loss, loneliness, confusion, and a struggle with self-esteem — propelled me on a personal journey of self-discovery. I sought wisdom through books, mentors, and a variety of courses, from fashion to leadership, in a desperate search for clarity and purpose. This path was not just about acquiring new skills; it was an exploration aimed at filling the void and making sense of the emotions that clouded my daily life.

My journey led me to partner with Savvi, a pivotal moment that allowed me to marry my passion for fashion with a deeper purpose. This partnership was a step towards connecting with a community of like-minded individuals, particularly mothers seeking inspiration and empowerment. It was here, within this blend of fashion and community, that the seeds for something greater were sown.

While The Fashion Mission started as a platform to express my love for style, it quickly evolved into a space for deeper conversations about motherhood, personal growth, and the pursuit of fulfillment. Our discussions went beyond the surface, touching on the essence of our experiences and the universal quest for joy and purpose.

Now, I am thrilled to introduce Destination Thrive. This new endeavor is not a transformation of The Fashion Mission but an expansion — a separate platform born from the realization that our conversations and needs extend far beyond fashion and beauty. Destination Thrive is a reflection of our collective journey towards personal growth, mental and physical well-being, parenting, creativity, and so much more. It is a space designed to empower mothers everywhere to explore, connect, and thrive in all aspects of their lives.

Imagine Destination Thrive as a dynamic space filled with interactive experiences, mentorship opportunities, workshops, and a supportive community. It is a hub of inspiration and resources, meticulously crafted to enrich our lives in meaningful ways.

As we embark on this exciting new chapter, I invite you to join me at Destination Thrive. Your engagement, support, and stories remain the heart of this journey. To continue being a part of this evolving story and to learn more about our first in-person event, "Awaken," please subscribe at

Thank you for being part of this journey, from the early days of The Fashion Mission to the launch of Destination Thrive. Let's step forward with excitement and hope, ready to embrace all the possibilities that lie ahead.

With heartfelt gratitude and anticipation,

Lital ❤️

Founder, The Fashion Mission & Destination Thrive


Have a Burning Question about Destination Thrive?

Curious about what Destination Thrive has in store for you? Whether you're wondering about our content, the community, or how we'll continue to integrate fashion and beauty into our journey of empowerment and personal growth, we're here to clear up any queries. Feel free to ask anything about our new features, upcoming events, or how you can be a part of this exciting journey. Your questions fuel our mission to create a platform that resonates with your needs and aspirations. Drop your questions here, and let's embark on this thrilling journey together!


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Portrait photo of mother and advocate, Lital, who is the Founder of The Fashion Mission

LiTaL, the driving force behind The Fashion Mission, now known as Destination Thrive, blends her passion for fashion with a mission to empower mothers. Her journey, starting five years ago amidst personal discovery, led her from a partnership with Savvi to founding The Fashion Mission. Today, LiTaL elevates her vision with Destination Thrive, a platform that merges style with personal growth, wellness, and creativity. Committed to empowering mothers in every life aspect, she invites them to join this community to find their voice, gain confidence, and design a life of passion and purpose.

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