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Embracing Your Authentic Style

Tips for Defining Your Fashion Identity

October 17th 2023

Blog post for stay at fashion moms

Back in the day, my fashion identity was crystal clear. Every piece I wore wasn’t just clothing—it was a statement, a reflection of who I was. I was the lady with a dress for every mood and moment, even if it was just for an evening in. Gym wear? Strictly for the gym. Dressing up was more than just putting on clothes; it was an expression of my inner self. Each outfit was a page from the diary of my life.

Enter motherhood, and with three kids, things shifted dramatically. My body changed, my priorities realigned, and slowly, my fashion identity became obscured. I started reaching for what was convenient rather than what truly resonated with my style. Those cherished moments of picking out outfits morphed into hurried decisions, often reflecting the challenges of the day rather than my personal flair. What I wore began to narrate a different tale: of a busy, sometimes overwhelmed mom trying to juggle it all.

Despite the daily challenges and ever-changing routines, there was this underlying pull, a yearning to reconnect with that part of me that took pride in my fashion identity. It wasn't about vanity; it was about authenticity. It's about wearing what truly feels like 'me' and not just what’s quick and easy.

If my story resonates with you, let's journey together to a place where fashion is more than just clothes—it's an expression of who we truly are, inside and out.

Understanding Fashion Identity: What is it and Do You Have One?

Benefits of Embracing a Defined Fashion Identity.

Tips to Kickstart Your Fashion Identity Journey.

Special Announcement!

Your authentic fashion identity is more than just the outfits you choose; it's a reflection of the unique qualities and experiences that define you. Through fashion, you have the power to showcase your individuality, dreams, and journey. When your wardrobe choices align with your inner self, it's not merely about aesthetics—it's about resonating with your core.

Every woman deserves recognition and celebration, not only for her roles and duties but for the genuine essence that sets her apart. By understanding and living your fashion identity, you're not just making a style statement; you're on a path of self-love, confidence, and empowerment.

So, dear fellow mama, let this be a moment of reflection and celebration of your true self. Allow the world to see you, not through a lens of expectations, but as the unique and radiant individual you are. Remember, your fashion story is ongoing, and with every choice, you add a memorable chapter.

Wishing you endless style adventures! 🌟


Founder & Chief Fashionista,

The Fashion Mission


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Portrait photo of mother and advocate, Lital, who is the Founder of The Fashion Mission

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