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This book will be your one-stop shop for success in every area of your life! I first read the compound effect in 2020 and was fascinated by this book's wealth of valuable and practical knowledge. Written by one of the world's top success mentors Darren Hardy this book is one of the few books I have read in this genre that had clear, direct, and to-the-point practical advice, systems, and practices that are simple to implement and are guaranteed to create a positive compound effect in every area of your life you seek to improve, from health, finance, parenting, and entrepreneurship the advise, wisdom and systems you will find in this book will change your life I know because it has changed mine. Since I first read it back in 2020, I have already seen the compound effect unfold beautifully in my life. This book is one to rinse and repeat, and each time, you will discover new ideas that will wow you!  
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