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Hello, Beautiful Souls! I am LiTaL (pronounced LEE-TAUL), the passionate founder of The Fashion Mission. A devoted mother of three and a fashion enthusiast at heart, my journey is deeply entwined with the threads of style and self-expression.


At the age of 40, while juggling three incredible, demanding kids and launching a new business, an epiphany struck. Why was it so hard to find resources that spoke to moms like us? Moms who adore their family but also want to hold onto their own identity?


"Be Your Own Standard," I told myself. Your value doesn't lie in fitting a mold. It's in shattering it—while rocking a pair of killer heels if you so choose. 


That realization transformed into The Fashion Mission. Born from frustration and nurtured by passion, this platform transcends fashion. It's about being your authentic self without compromise or apology.


Now, my days are filled with joyful chaos—family and meaningful work on The Fashion Mission. This platform is more than a business or a blog; it's a resource, an advocate, and a voice for moms navigating motherhood, style, and self-expression. "Be Your Own Standard" isn't just my mantra; it's the cornerstone of a community—a community that's waiting to welcome you.

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At the Heart of The Fashion Mission is the Belief: You Are More Than a Label

I've poured over countless fashion blogs, engaged in endless conversations with other moms, and even scrutinized experts in the field. One thing remains clear—every mom deserves to own her style, her life, and her narrative. You are more than 'mom,' more than 'career woman,' more than any label society attaches to you. You are here for a purpose—to share your beauty and wisdom with the world. Do you hear that inner voice? It's shouting, 'Be Your Own Standard.'

This isn't just a choice between blending in or standing out. It's a call to elevate your life, aligning it with your unique gifts, values, and ambitions. Why settle for 'good enough' when you can strive for remarkable?

In a world that pushes you to conform, where you often find yourself caught between who you are and who you're expected to be, The Fashion Mission is your sanctuary. It's a place where you learn more, grow more, and invest more in yourself. Because you don't have to compromise your style or your dreams for motherhood, you can have both and then some.

The Fashion Mission isn't just a platform; it's a movement. A revolution that begins with you. A statement that 'good enough' will never be good enough. You can be the mom, the woman, the trailblazer you were meant to be—starting today. For you, for your loved ones, and for the generations of women you will inspire.

THE mission

Our mission is to be the essential resource for moms in fashion, beauty, and wellness, helping them become confident, inspiring role models for the next generation and for all the moms out there still seeking confidence and authentic self-expression.


Through personalized guidance and a supportive community, we amplify confidence and self-expression.

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